Installation Process

Installation Process
  1. Download and unzip the plugin. (We Recommend that you install it using the WordPress Zip installer)
  2. Upload the plugin to the Plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Click on the admin menu item “NetOffer Tools->Activate Account.
  5. Follow the Link provided to register with NetOffer.
  6. Use of this plugin requires an active account with Registration is free and you will be able to obtain an activation key after registering.
    1. After registering go to your NetOffer Account Dashboard and click on the “My Account” button.
    2. This will return an Activation Key for you to copy to your plugin activation form.
  7. Click on the [NetOffer Activation Key] link and enter the Activation Key, and then,
  8. Click on the [NetOffer Usern Name] link and enter your Username. Now the  plugin installation is complete.
  9. You will see a list of Menu Sections show up, each with the NetOffer Favicon next to the Menu Section. Hover over the Menu Sections to see individual selection options on the menu slideout… See Above.
  10. NOTE: The Menu Sections will not display until you have entered the Activation Key and the Username as per above.
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