Daily Use Tips


  1. Each time you log into your WordPress website and click on one of the NetOffer Menu Items you will be required to insert your NetOffer Username and Password. Thereafter, until you log out of your WordPress website, you will be able to access the NetOffer Tools without having to log again.
  2. The NetOffer Dashboard (shown to the right here–> ) contains a lot of Database and Marketing tools for you to use. Each of those tools can be accessed directly from your Menu, however, once you have transferred to the NetOffer Dashboard you can stay within the NetOffer Dashboard without having to return to your WordPress website to select options.
  3. NOTE: your NetOffer System is a fully functional WordPress website system which we recommend you configure to mirror your WordPress website and link back to your WordPress website to provide valuable inbound links.
  4. ALSO: if you own a business we highly recommend that you use the NetOffer Business Profile and What We Sell sections to list your business so that we can help market you and your products and services to our other clients. 
  5. To collect Newsletter Subscribers from your WordPress website install the “NetOffer Remote Signup Form” Widget in the sidebar where you want it to be displayed.
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